June Mobley

Experienced finance professional with a passion for delivering value added results, using information technology and over 40 years of experience.

June has worked at Countrywide Porter Novelli, Seeka, Geni Spark & Cucumber.  June is proud of 
moving to New Zealand and making it home for her and husband Alan and their two children, ensuring a better life style. She loves rambling all overNew Zealand, enjoying time with her grandchildren, crafting, reading and exploring New Zealand. 

June was born in Banbury a small town in Oxfordshire in England, she moved to New Zealand August 2001 for a better family life leaving 5 siblings. 
June feels a connection with the land being that she previously owned an avocado orchard, and has family that owns a kiwifruit orchard as well as working at Seeka for five years learning about Kiwifruit herself. 

New Zealand was June’s family’s choice of home due to NZ being one of the most beautiful countries in the world. New Zealand have amazing ranges of landscapes, including rainforests, glaciers, mountains, deserts, plains, fords and a variety of coastlines. June feels we all must do our part to protect New Zealand landscapes, freshwater and ecosystem. We must all work together to protect the beauty of NZ.