Let’s Weed Out the Facts!
Join Us for a Visionary Journey on Our Catchment Plan AGM.

Guest Speakers:
Geoff Reid: Restoration Consultant
Pete Russell: Eco-Weed Strategist

Wai Kokopu Audited Accounts

As we approach our Annual General Meeting (AGM), we want to ensure complete transparency and engagement with you all. Here's what you need to know:

Public Review Period: Your insight matters! We provide access to our financial accounts at least 14 days before the AGM, giving you the chance to view our performance. Your questions and concerns are welcome.

AGM Preparation: We make the AGM agenda and minutes available 14 days in advance, ensuring everyone is well-prepared for meaningful discussions.

Your active participation is key, and we're committed to accountability and transparency. If you have any questions or need info about our AGM or operations, please reach out.

Our Guest Speakers

Come along and be inspired by our dynamic speakers, Geoff Reid and Pete Russell, as they share their expertise and passion for environmental preservation.

Geoff Reid

Geoff Reid is a change agent and restoration consultant with a focus on urgent action related to climate, biodiversity collapse, forest restoration, human health, animal welfare, and the loss of resilience. He recognises the inherent failure and self-serving nature of government agencies and institutions in the absence of adequate accountability or dedication. 

He has a background in raising public awareness for key issues and advocating for proper solutions and commitment towards meaningful outcomes. He is focused on forest restoration, particularly strategic long term pest plant eradication and control. 

Pete Russell

Pete Russell is a prominent advocate for strategic environmental weed management and native forest restoration, with a multifaceted background in conservation. His commitment to tackling environmental weeds dates back to a successful campaign in 1995, where he recognised their under appreciated threat to Aotearoa's biodiversity. Pete played a pivotal role in ending the logging of publicly owned native forests, leading to his strategic and innovative approaches to weed management and forest restoration. From high-value islands to rural properties, he empowers communities and pioneers catchment-level weed management strategies.

Pete's diverse experiences, including international agricultural work, enhance his comprehensive understanding of the industry's challenges. Currently, he oversees multiple sites in the North and South Islands, prioritizing community impact and conservation excellence.

Geoffs notes on Restoration Strategy Little Waihi Catchment


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