2021 Milestones

2021 was a big year for the team, our farmers, our community, and our funders. We are proud of what we have achieved together. Every milestone we reached was made possible due to the support and hard work of people wanting to create change for good. Together we:
  • Established an incorporated society with iwi, farming and community on our board
  • Created more than 28 part-time jobs in the region, engaging with more than 80 pastoral farmers to support change for good. 
  • Worked closely with Bay Trust, TECT, Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Ministry for Primary Industries and Freshwater Improvement Fund to extend the life and impact of the project.
  • Helped over 60% of orchard owners learn of the catchment programme.
  • Held six collaborative seminars with industry, farm advisors, and councils
  • Initiated studies to look at the right land-use in the right place, monitor drinking water sources.
  • Were Project focused to understand the economics of land use change.
  • Began the development of a Pan Sector digital farm plan, empowering farmers and advisors to have a single farm plan for a multi-enterprise property that supports farm goals and the goals for their catchment.
  • Worked closely with 20 great farmers, who are committed to treading more lightly on the land, and innovating for smarter, more resilient farming systems
  • Helped the majority of the farmers involved in the catchment programme to begin actively innovating through using  alternative forage species, reviewing stock classes and intensity, using more technology, significantly lowering nitrogen and phosphorus use, retiring steep slopes, wetlands and riparian zones.
  • Designed a catchment health scorecard, highlighting risky practices for the rivers, groundwater and estuary.
  • Collaborated with industry partners to work together for both waterway and soil, as well as community health
  • Showed that our groundwater monitoring highlighted impacts on drinking water sources in the catchment meaning we can give greater attention to protecting access to healthy drinking water.
  • Established routine monitoring surveillance for rivers, estuary and shellfish for safe food gathering.
  • Enabled our Restoration Team and BOPRC working to retire around 150-160 hectares of vulnerable land over the next season 2022-23, which will reduce sediment in our catchment and support an increase in biodiversity.
  • Established five sub catchment groups, supporting restoration and monitoring with 50-60 farmers.

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