Tom Anderson

BSc maj. Environmental Science/Marine Biology

Tom has recently graduated from Victoria University at his time here he worked as research assistant in conservation ecology and public policy.  

In Tom’s spare time he loves to spend time near the ocean and basically anywhere outdoors! His hobbies include surfing, fishing, hunting, skiing and so on, when the weather isn’t playing it’s part you will find Tom enjoying music and playing the drums.  

Tom grew up rurally near Cambridge with his parents and sister. He has lived in Wellington for last five years for university. 

Tom’s childhood was hands on with parents who work in the agricultural sector, who love the outdoors and have an interest in land and water and how they use. His career pathway became a natural progression for him.  

Tom would love to help build a community where we are all stewards of the land, aiming at long-term sustainability – all working together to reverse some of the ecological loss that has occurred in the catchment, and ensuring that we can continue to use the land for many generations to come.  
Tom feels that land management is a complex but fascinating space to work in as we try to figure out how to make a living from the land in a sustainable way. Trying to solve this problem is something he finds really interesting, and for him it is a bonus he gets to work outdoors a lot in a beautiful part of the world, talking to passionate people everyday.