Meredith Davis

B.Sc. Ecology (1st Hons), Ph.D. candidate

Meredith is an ecologist finishing a multi-disciplinary Doctorate at Massey University; encompassing the fields of microbial, molecular (DNA), and freshwater ecology. Her Ph.D. is shared between the School of Veterinary Science at the Hopkirk Institute’s mEpiLab and the School of Agriculture and the Environment. 

She is a One Health scientist – this means she approaches her research and projects with an understanding that environmental, animal, and human health rely on and affect each other. Her current research focuses on in-stream microbial communities and how current monitoring of recreational and food gathering waters can improve.

During her time at Massey, Meredith has taught and developed both undergraduate and postgraduate papers in Ecology, Zoology, and Environmental Sciences (2017-2021). She also engaged with primary/secondary students through outreach programs and school field trips/camps. Before enrolling at Massey, Meredith worked in the veterinary industry for 20 years.