Claire McCorkindale

Masters in Natural Resource Management and Ecological Engineering, Bachelor of Science majoring in Conservation and Ecology

Claire works at Bay of Plenty Regional Council, she has spent time working in the compliance team and consents team before joining land management in September in 2020. 

Claire is proud of fundraising and successfully constructing a pre-school/feeding centre at an orphanage in Malawi alongside 10 other Lincoln University students during her time there.  
Claire loves hiking, kayaking, football and baking/cooking. 

Claire grew up on a family run sheep and beef farm located an hour south of Dunedin. The farm had been in their family for 120 years but was sold when she was 15. Her family is now based in Australia, split between Melbourne and Sydney.  

Part of Claire’s heritage that she is just discovering at the moment with the help of Melv is that one of her ancestors was Moriori, which up until now her family hasn’t managed to find out much information on. 

Claire has always had plenty of connection with the land, she grew up on a farm and went to Lincoln University so still has plenty of farming connections. 

Claire would like for the project to allow everyone to be able to work positively and collaboratively together to achieve the best possible outcomes for the health of Waihi Estuary and to increase community connectiveness along the way.  
Claire has always been passionate about the environment and working with people, so this has been an amazing opportunity to work with so many like-minded and motivated individuals and to be able to put what she studied into practice.